Motion Furniture Repair
If your recliner or sectional couch is no longer working properly, it can probably be repaired. A lot of manufacturers warrant their motion mechanisms for life. If this is the case, I can come in, inspect the furniture and let you know what needs to be replaced. You can then call the manufacturer and order the replacement parts. When they arrive, I can come back and install them. Warranties differ and some include labor and some don’t. Check with the manufacturer to verify what they cover for repairs.

Furniture Repair
Sometimes furniture gets broken. Sometimes its kids, sometimes pets, sometimes just normal daily wear and tear. Chances are its repairable.
Chairs getting loose at the joints? Easily repairable!
Got an old family heirloom beginning to look worn and not beautiful anymore? It can be made pretty again. Even if it looks like, a completely lost cause, unless it is kindling it can probably be repaired.

Insurance Claims and Moving Damage
As a registered QFR (Qualified Furniture Restorer) Dallas is listed as a furniture repair technician for national insurance companies and work closely with insurance Claims Representatives to mitigate insurance losses. With a cadre of professional contractors in many fields Dallas can be a 1 stop shop for Claims Reps. One call and Dallas can have it all done with no hassles for the Claims Representative.

Environmentally Friendly Products
With the exception of a few aerosols, all of my products are water based. Just exactly what does that mean? Most any other furniture stains and finishes are chemical or oil based. All of Furniture Medic’s products are water based and are very environmentally friendly. What this also means is there is not a harsh chemical smell left in your home or office for days after Dallas has gone. The water based products are all very low odor and normally quick drying. So if you have a problem with those high odor chemical based products, water base is the way to go.

Cabinet Repair or Re-facing
Kitchen cabinets are an integral part of any kitchen. A lot of times repair, re-toning or re-facing make an old worn kitchen look brand new again. If you are looking to update, or remodel, your kitchen then re-facing may well be an option for you. At 60-70% of the cost of new cabinets, re-facing is a cost effective way to a new kitchen. The cost is only one of the benefits of re-facing.

Other benefits include:

  • The kitchen stays intact and usable. You are not trying to live in a construction zone.
  • Cabinets don’t have to be emptied. This saves a big hassle with all the contents staying where they belong.
  • The old cabinets don’t end up in a landfill. This is good for the environment.

If you are looking to sell your home, a new kitchen is a major selling point. Good cabinets make a kitchen, and a good kitchen sells a home. A typical kitchen can be refaced in 3 to 5 days. The countertops and floors are protected at all times. The entire area is cleaned up at the end of each workday so that the kitchen is usable.

Cabinet re-facing! Good for you, good for your pocketbook, good for the environment.

Additional Restoration or Repair Work

More comprehensive list of the things Dallas can do:
Assemble store bought furniture/storage
Pet damage
Kid damage
Lock installation
Light construction
Leather repair, re-color, scratch repair
Water damage
Light upholstery
Door alignment in cabinets or house
Drawer alignments
Re-color wood furniture
Heirloom (not investment) antique repair
Couch/chair spring repair
Water rings
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